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My name is Shawn T. and I am the contact lens manager here at a Delaware Eye Center. I want to say that Misty P. and Mike D. were so amazingly helpful to me. I called with an emergency to obtain two receipts. Well, an emergency on my behalf doesn’t always make it is an emergency on yours as it was my fault I did not have these receipts. Misty began assisting me and attempting to help as much as she could without accounting’s help. She did not rush me off the phone or just pass me off to the next person. She went above and beyond. It was until she finally exhausted all of her expertise that she passed me to Mike D. in accounting. I heard how busy he was with one of your other staff on leave and he did not rush me off the phone. He took all the time in the world to assist me as well, didn’t rush me off, and explained things to me extremely well and was kind during the process.

It was a simple call to receive a receipt and I received way more than I anticipated: a truly wonderful experience and the confidence knowing that I can call you all and receive help next time for whatever we may need and receive such fantastic customer service.

Your information was passed to me by Mike and I needed to address this as they both need to be commended for their professionalism and kindness.

I thank you and we here at our practice at a Delaware Eye Center thank you and appreciate all you do for us and the amazing products you have!

Warm Regards,

Shawn T.

Contact Lens Manager

”As a contact lens technician I have worked with prosthetic contact lenses for more than 20 years. I recently refit a patient who has worn hand painted lenses for 10+ years. Matching her healthy eye color has always been a challenge. This year I used your trial lens system. The first lens was a perfect match! She is thrilled and so am I. Thanks for reinventing the wheel! Your approach has simplified what has always been a challenging and lengthy process.”

Kendall L.

“Just thought I’d share a photo and tell you how happy our patient was with the lens he received.”

Dr T.

“Scott is happier than he has been in 25 years with his new prosthetic lens. His confidence is back and he is forever grateful to Orion Vision for his lens”

Dr. Schwartz, Maryland

“Connie was so happy about her prosthetic lens. The fit and the color were just what she was looking for! She was able to wear the lens for her 60th birthday cruise.”

Dr. Yassin, Virginia

“Thanks so much for new contacts! I’ve worn them for each day of training this week and am hooked. Now I’m focusing on the ball instead of looking at the ground due to the glare of the sun. I would recommend them to everyone!”

Kevin H. ~ Professional Soccer Player

“These prosthetic lenses are the most comfortable lenses I have ever had. Orion was able to match my eye color to a “T”!”

Mike C.

“ The technicians at Orion are some of the best in the field. I am able to work directly with the consultants and technicians to find the best lenses for my patient.”

Dr. S.

“ The consultants at Orion are always able to help me…I call Orion for my tough to fit patients”

Dr. P.

“Our patient Bradley A. was very impressed with how his prosthetic lens looks. The color was perfect.”

Norma T.

“We had quite a few problems ordering prosthetic lenses from another company, the colors and the comfort were horrible. I now use Orion Vision Group for all of my prosthetic lenses. “

Dr. David L.

“I want to thank you for delivering Jesel’s contacts so quickly.  We received them yesterday afternoon & Jesel came in today to pick them up.  She is very happy with the color, although she initially thought the pupil area would be too light.  However, by the time she left, she felt it was fine.  I am ecstatic that you were able to do this with very satisfying results the first time!
You may be assured, when we are in need of this type of service again, we will be using your company. Thank you!“