Halloween contact lenses and colored contact lenses that are not properly regulated by the FDA and are imported into the USA without proper clearance are a health hazard to the general public and put consumers at risk. In addition, sellers of contact lenses in stores and on the internet that do not properly ask for, and verify the customer’s prescription are in violation of federal law. So if you see a store violating the law and putting the public at risk then say something! Non regulated contact lenses with unknown or sub-par manufacturing pose a serious risk to the general public. Filing a complaint alerts the FDA and FTC and helps protect consumers against potentially dangerous products. Together we can help put a https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fairness_to_Contact_Lens_Consumers_Act stop to illegal contact lens sales.

Federal Trade Commission ( FTC )

The Federal Trade Commission is the enforcement agency for the FDA Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act (FCLCA). To alert the FTC of a violation anonymously about a retailer either selling non regulated lenses or selling lenses without verifying the customer’s prescription, follow the steps below.

  1.       Visit https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/Information#crnt&panel1-1
  2.       On the bottom of the menu click on “Other”
  3.       Inside of the “Other” menu click “Health and Fitness” on the right.
  4.       On the next page, click “Other/Not Applicable.”
  5.       Click the first selection, “Eyeglasses or Contact Lens.”
  6.       Select the options that match your complaint

Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) Regarding Online Sales

In addition to filing a complaint with the FTC you can also alert the FDA directly regarding an online retailer that is in violation quickly and anonymously through their portal.

  1.       Visit https://www.fda.gov/Safety/ReportaProblem/ucm059315.htm
  2.       Complete the form
  3.       Submit

What to Look For

Manufacturers of illegal contact lenses and retailers often have tell-tale signs to alert you that something isn’t quite right.

  1.       Packaging says FDA Approved or uses the FDA logo. Both are illegal. Use of the FDA logo is a federal violation                                               
  2.       They don’t call them contact lenses. They say “Eye Accessories”.
  3.       Packaging is in a foreign language. The FDA requires products be labelled in english. Or the english on the package is broken or not grammatically correct.
  4.       They say “Non Prescription” or the retailer does not ask for a prescription to sell them.
  5.       Retailer makes you sign a waiver. This is a violation of the FCLCA
  6.       Price. If you see contact lenses in a beauty or costume shop for $10 they are most likely illegal.
  7.       Foreign websites. Sites based outside of the US may lead you to believe that they are FDA cleared and local. Most of them shipping from the UK or China. Beware of any site that does not clearly  list their address and phone number.

Buy only from a reputable source like an eye care professional or a retailer that asks you for your prescription.

Safely and Legally

Orion Vision Group is the professional’s choice in theatrical and cosmetic contact lenses. Our flagship brand Gothika has been widely celebrated in the industry as one of the most vibrant and comfortable brand of lenses. With many stock designs available in corrections to -6.00. Custom lab lenses available to -20.00 and up to -6.00 cylinders, Orion Vision Group offers a vast selection of FDA cleared contact lenses for medical and theatrical purposes.

In 2015 Orion Vision Group partnered with VerifyMyLenses.com to offer an easy to use system to verify contact lens prescriptions to satisfy federal regulations. VerifyMyLenses ( VML ) was designed to be eye care professional friendly offering greater communication between the retailer and care providers. Orion Vision Group is serious about protecting the health and safety of our clients/patients.

More Information

For more information about the laws regarding contact lenses sales please visit the Federal Trade Commission’s website.
For questions, comments or trade inquiries regarding Orion Vision Group products and services, please feel free to contact us on our website.