Dr. S.

“ The technicians at Orion are some of the best in the field. I am able to work directly with the consultants and technicians to find the best lenses for my patient.” Dr. S.

Mike C.

“These prosthetic lenses are the most comfortable lenses I have ever had. Orion was able to match my eye color to a “T”!” Mike C.

Kevin H. ~ Professional Soccer Player

“Thanks so much for new contacts! I’ve worn them for each day of training this week and am hooked. Now I’m focusing on the ball instead of looking at the ground due to the glare of the sun. I would recommend them to everyone!” Kevin H. ~ Professional...

Dr. Yassin, Virginia

“Connie was so happy about her prosthetic lens. The fit and the color were just what she was looking for! She was able to wear the lens for her 60th birthday cruise.” Dr. Yassin, Virginia