BioColors contact lenses are available in any prescription, ±30.00 sphere powers, as well as up to -10.00 cylinder for astigmatism.

These are yearly wear soft contact lenses

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BioColors is available in many colors and options. See all 16 colors below. 

Images of more popular color combinations are below, individual results will vary based on patient’s natural iris color.

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You can add a Limbal ring (darker outer edge) and/or Starburst pattern (honey color around pupil) with any iris color
Chestnut Brown 54X
Stormy Gray 51X
Turquoise 47V
BioColors Enhancer over Hazel Iris
49X Evergreen stamped twice increases amount of pigment on lens increasing opacity of lens on the eye.
49X+50V color combination creates a lighter green shade
Combination of warmer brown tones and greens 54V+49X+50V
Changing how the colors are layered changes the outcome of the color
49X+54V+50V, another variant of the above colors
Images of CB1-CB12 colors. Above photos are of real lenses on a white background.

The designs are comprised of an iris color, a starburst and a limbal ring. The standard pupil size on these designs is a 6.0mm. Results will vary based on natural iris color,